The current Captain of the Ultramarines 2nd Company, Axathos Trigus has a seen rise through the ranks of his battle-brothers rarely seen since before the introduction of the Codex Astartes.

Having previously served amongst the 10th Company as a scout and the 8th Company as a member of a close support squad, Trigus had been a sergeant at the infamous defence of Leagrave Rock against the Greenskins, preventing a growing Waargh! from gathering momentum for it would surely have gone on to devastate entire star systems.

During this battle, Trigus had inspired his brethren to take the fight to the Orks, seizing the initiative and the element of surprise. Allowing the Orks to rush onto their defences would have no doubt ended in defeat, but this bold strategy bore a glimmer of hope and it was carried out to perfection.

Having briefly served time in the 1st Company as sergeant of a squad of Close Combat Assault Terminators, he was appointed acting Captain of the 2nd Company following the disappearance of Sevastus Acheran.

It is believed both Ultramarines Chapter Master Marneus Calgar and Lord Commander Roboute Guilliman cast their votes for Axathos Trigus, impressed not only with his experience and skill with both bullet and blade but also his notable leadership qualities. With their support, Trigus was also cleared to undergo the Rubicon Primaris procedure.

He leads by example and never asks a subordinate to do something he himself would not be willing to do. He inspires those under his command and forces under his command continually outperform the tasks expected of them.

Currently, Captain Trigus is stationed on the planet of Khai-Zhan, overseeing the reconstruction of the Imperial city Vogen, a former stronghold since left derelict following a brutal war many cycles ago.

Entrusted with this task by Lord Commander Roboute Guilliman himself, this promises to be much more than a simple supervision task and there is every likelihood that Trigus will once again lead his forces into battle, against enemies as yet unknown.